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Hiatus Explained November 27, 2010

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Forrest Gump on his Hippy Run

My loyal fans, it’s been almost a year since I last posted to joblesslawyer- the reason why I have been missing in action is because shortly after my last post I was no longer jobless ! I have now been gainfully employed for nearly a year working at a small litigation boutique firm in Manhattan.

I want to thank everyone for their positive comments and I hope that I was able to add some levity, comfort or both to those battling through this dismal market for lawyers that we are currently in.

I have been contemplating the future of the blog and I have determined that it would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) for an employed lawyer (with a 2200 billable hours requirement) to regularly blog about being unemployed. It is with this in mind that I suggest that the community take over the site.

If I can sign up a few contributors that share the mission of the site- and don’t take themselves too seriously we can continue to provide interesting content to those who follow

If you have an entertaining story that you would like to share (either by name or anonymously) or would like to regularly contribute to the site please email me at



Recession Job Search Tips for the Unemployed Lawyer- Creating a Job “Surge” December 1, 2009

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surge The beginning of November marked my ninth month of unemployment. Up until the end of October I had a total of 4.6 interviews during my employment stint. Under my calculus an interview receives a full point when 1) an actual opportunity to interview is provided, and 2) the interview entails the possibility (however slim) of actual obtaining a position. Mind you, this is not a tough rubric, in fact under these rules, even if the pay offered is offensive, or if the work is part time and even contract based— a full point can be awarded– as long as the interview is conducted in good faith and a legitimate opportunity to compete for a position exists.

Click here to

The 2009 ABA Journal Top 100 “Blawgs” (Blogs) December 1, 2009

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blawg100_2009_logoThe editors of the ABA Journal have selected the 100 best Web sites by lawyers and for lawyers. is proud to have included in this list !!!


(instructions below)

We received this in an e-mail yesterday:

Congratulations. Your blawg has been selected as one of the ABA Journal‘s Blawg 100. Our annual list of the best of the blawgosphere appears in the December issue of the magazine, and was posted online today.

The ABA has invited readers to vote for their favorite blogs from among the top 100 in each of 10 categories. Voting ends December 31. Winners will be featured in the February issue of the Journal.

Please show your support and vote here: !

To show our appreciation for your vote we are giving away a free humor print for every 50 votes we receive (max 5). Those who sign up to vote for the Top 100 Blogs are eligible for the drawing, winners will choose which humor print they would like to receive. To participate send a screenshot of the “Enclosed is your activation code” e-mail sent from “”  after registering to vote on the ABA website (free) on or before December 31, 2009 to

October Caption Contest Winner! December 1, 2009

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Staying Positive- How To Think Like a Lawyer (even during a recession) November 9, 2009

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Lawyer Baby Mobile There is a tendency to become overwhelmed by negativity during a period of prolonged unemployment. Skills inevitably dwindle as they are not being used, confidence declines, levels of self-esteem and motivation similarly become depressed.  Through it all however I have never doubted my decision to go to law school. I knew since before I was 10 years old I wanted to be a lawyer (the baby lawyer mobile pictured was actually attached to my crib… only kidding). I always wished there was some mandatory “pre-law” track that those of us committed to the study of law could have used to separate ourselves out from the philosophy, classics, and political science majors that took the LSAT only upon a realization that their degree did not prepare them for employment they had hoped in the real-world.
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Humor Print #4 “Law School Diploma Mills” November 9, 2009

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In this humor print, a law school pops out newly minted attorneys in record rates with little concern for job prospects but with absolute concern for their bottom line. Click here to view larger version or buy a print.

Humor Print #3: “Bar Troubles” November 3, 2009

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In this humor print, an attorney who recently passed the bar exam and faced with a doom and gloom economy finds solace at a different kind of “bar.” View it here.

October Caption Contest Vote! November 3, 2009

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Click here to vote… !

October Caption Contest November 3, 2009

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October Caption Contest


Where are they now? October 21, 2009

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images Recently, I decided to check in on those of my first-year colleagues who were affected negatively by the firm’s decision to reduce their attorney force.

I asked each if they found work, how long it took them if they did, what approach they used and how their new salary compared.

While, I was surprised to learn some had landed ably on their feet, many had either relocated far from where they wanted to be, taken positions offering insulting rates of compensation, had gone back to law school, or were still actively looking for work.

Here is a quick look at how the class fared based on my very unscientific and informal poll: