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Motherly Advice (pt1)

In a recent conversation I had with my mother we discussed the prospects of a new area of law, one that theoretically should always have a “happy ending”, see our conversation below (yes I do talk to my mother over IM– surprisingly she is often the one to initiate):

Mother : do you like Internet and cyberspace space law?
Me: actually there is not really a body of law called “cyberlaw”
Me: its just jurisdictional, copyright, contracts, defamation, trademark law etc. all applied to the internet
Mother : but those are the areas you like anyway right ?
Me: yes but what’s the difference…
Me: I could just as well say I’m interested in “fairy tale” law because no one is hiring
Mother: why not try that, fairy tale law has nice ring to it
Me: I suppose it does, maybe I will have more luck searching there.

Oddly enough this conversation actually reminded me of a book I came across recently titled “Legally Correct Fairy Tales” .
I came across it  on the coffee table in the reception area on one of my 2.6 interviews that I have been on since I have been unemployed.
In it Humpty Dumpty sues “the King,” “King’s Hospital,” “all the King’s Horses” and “all the King’s Men” for negligence, the “big bad wolf” is deposed on the eve of litigation to get his side of the Little Red Riding Hood controversy and heirs of the “Little Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe” bring proceedings to equitably divide up the estate. Apparently other’s have also been thinking along these lines.
Maybe I can get the 7 Dwarfs or Alibaba’s 40 thieves on retainer as I’m sure they could provide steady work?
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